A collection of foursquare lists, fit for a GNTLMN


Gary Vee's Favorite Wine Spots

Curated by: Gary Vaynerchuk, Businessman, Jets Fan

"his lips drink water but his heart drinks wine" - E.E. Cummings

  • 16242601_m56mzcxhvpdhlixv-btzxz3onc3va7aplphfi65kub0


    Grape Vine Education

    A wine bar in the East Village of New York City that is completely driven on quality and esoteric selections. They operate a wine bar the way one should: to educate.

  • Patridge

    Richard Patridge Winery

    Napa Valley Magic

    I fell in love with it early on in my career, right when I was about to start making it on a bigger level. I had a weird feeling in my heart about how special it was. 

  • Muga

    Bodegas Muga


    A Rioja winery in Spain and a classic example of old and new wine coming together in one place.

  • Winelib

    Gary Vee's Office

    Wine TV Central

    My office at the Wine Library, and specifically the table where I taped my episodes for Wine Library TV. The coziest seat in the wine world.

A Couple’s Day In LA

Curated by: India de Beaufort, Actress & Fashion Designer

"Love doesn't make the world go 'round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile" - Shannon L. Alder

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    Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea

    For Coffee

    They have the best coffee and there are local stores nearby are great for a little wander.

  • Ouglbnzrdorzbdtlrdja6y5zof2gt1ymlmy32msqu5c

    Daikokuya Ramen

    For Dinner

    It's in downtown LA in little Tokyo, best place in town for ramen, very authentic, feels like you're in Tokyo, always a little line, so get there 30mins before you wanna eat, put ur name down and be prepared to take a romantic stroll around little Tokyo

  • B4adu5j2ny1akctvgzrtmisdgxtdri45aqf5delmjcqkgvp1


    For Desert

    Also in downtown LA little Tokyo a short walk from the ramen noodle joint. Best mochi ice cream and Japanese pastries in town... Again very authentic, and little known of, visited mainly by the local Japanese.

  • K9_vosqkp8kb3k6nc77lfexn_t2sbj_fw66pffb2u2i

    The Writer's Room

    For Drinks

    A small bar where Hemingway used to write, entry is in the back lot, very secret, still fairly unknown.

Favorite Restaurants In Amsterdam

Curated by: Nalden, Co-Founder WeTransfer/Kuvva

"Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin." - John Green

  • Iocwaceadnxzh4vm4vnysoktaymy3sxs3fqwzyezvznyyh2y

    Hotel De Goudfazant

    Not really a Hotel

    Having a white Ferrari Testarossa parked in your restaurant is pretty epic right?

  • Rqyui1wzeguhpb43irh44mkvne5d1nsgcsyt45skc1fpg4ba

    Cafe Struik

    Hip Hop Cafe

    Hiphop cafe with an attitude. And food

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    A Seafood Restaurant

    My favorite location to go for sea food. Hidden with a great view over the water

  • Foodware


    A Deli

    Healthy take-away food. Gotta love it.

My Favorite Coffee Spots In Manhattan

Curated by: Fred Wilson, VC

"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons." - T.S Eliot

  • Auyv1kgizoucidxgpopywozhkgi_hfo0vqfvbl25y1k

    Third Rail Coffee

    For Espresso

  • 0cp3awy5nxjftsrgdgxeqdhst1q2ggrehr0esbxxjj3ftqr3

    Joe the Art of Coffee

    For Cappucino

  • 3bwxenw-nb08t-o-glsdr3xoadaeo-uilayeip_r354

    Jack's Stir Brew Coffee

    For Iced Cappucino

  • Uvizt1phhuevls2x4umasxbtniccjslom6xqqcab47s

    Kava Cafe

    For Cortado

A Day In The Life, In Brooklyn

Curated by: Mick Boogie, DJ

"We got a safe in the trunk with money in a stack / with dice in the front and Brooklyn's in the back" - Beastie Boys

  • Wlaecmwxqqz0z0dqlt5yshb2iojwlrdzqamm4s1uieb2r3xh

    Bergen Street Comics


    The best and coolest comic store in NYC.

  • Sghelr7gjtaemgpzjs-layxxayblmwsqzfwdjffkc4m

    Healthy Nibbles

    Temple Maintenance

    The best and healthiest turkey burgers in Brooklyn!

  • Nu12dbsmpk3pnn1dnhb1grbgkbwh1ocfoaqjfpckkug1blqv

    Stuart & Wright

    Brooklyn Men's Wear

    Amazing men's clothes from Band of Outsiders and other popular designers. No need to go into the city. Just go to Fort Greene.

  • V2ts1uxbei7xexs_g8xg4gpji4ks_jgl-k59wqmbyte


    All Bird Everything

    All they cook is chicken... all chicken everything. And amazing.

Favorite NYC Brunch Spots

Curated by: Brice Pattison, Designer at Todd Snyder

"We got a safe in the trunk with money in a stack / with dice in the front and Brooklyn's in the back" - Beastie Boys

  • 1dhn44ynmrkxzn5vtpwj53pndfkdvd0pr1zaatlghsjqwopi


    Not The Man

    If you are in Park Slope/Prospect Heights, this is the spot. Modern unpretentious well edited menu. Intimate and decorated to perfection.

  • Sfxlorkyp--fjqfjwymphm7f-eosyzv6qfujj7cuf1c


    Not The Movie

    The guys of Marlow and Son's (next door in South Williamsburg) can do no wrong as far as I am concerned. The brunch menu is different each weekend, founded in whatever seasonal treasures inspire!

  • 5ztjil5shrsx7dkrqd71klty9hn92jf6zx5akc3egre


    Since 1954

    24 hour Ukrainian inspired breakfast in East Village. The original restaurant started back in 1954. Definetly get at least one side of pierogis!

  • 4yzaln50cym-7jyxh9hqutftjtjimbzholae_nr4lvo

    ABC Kitchen

    Like Whoa

    Gramercy Park. To die for. Somehow rustic and modern, simple and complicated. If they are serving a chicken dish, order it, you will thank me!