A collection of foursquare lists, fit for a GNTLMN


My Favorite Coffee Spots In Manhattan

Curated by: Fred Wilson, VC

"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons." - T.S Eliot

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    Third Rail Coffee

    For Espresso

  • 0cp3awy5nxjftsrgdgxeqdhst1q2ggrehr0esbxxjj3ftqr3

    Joe the Art of Coffee

    For Cappucino

  • 3bwxenw-nb08t-o-glsdr3xoadaeo-uilayeip_r354

    Jack's Stir Brew Coffee

    For Iced Cappucino

  • Uvizt1phhuevls2x4umasxbtniccjslom6xqqcab47s

    Kava Cafe

    For Cortado